Call For Speakers/ Panelists

Call for Speakers/Panelists - 2nd #TechWomenTz Conference – Inspire Inclusion (Count Her In: Accelerating Gender equality through economic empowerment) Don't miss the opportunity to present at the 2nd #TechWomenTz Conference – Inspire Inclusion, on March 6, 2024. This event provides a unique platform for you to showcase your role as a visionary leader in Tech industry in Tanzania and share insights to theme of women’s day which is focusing on accelerating gender equality through economic empowerment. Join over 500 participants for engaging discussions on cutting-edge applications and best practices in utilizing digital technology and data for humanitarian and development impact. Submit your speaker application here (google form) before February 10, 2024, to be part of the 2nd #TechWomenTaz Conference agenda, which will feature diversity of sessions spanning high-level keynotes to hands-on panel discussions.

Topics for presentation

• Entrepreneurship and Economic Inclusion: Empowering Women in Tech
• Exploring success stories of women entrepreneurs in technology.
• Strategies to foster a supportive ecosystem for women-led startups.
• Overcoming challenges faced by women entrepreneurs in the tech industry.

• Financial Inclusion and Access to Capital for Women in Tech
• Addressing barriers to financial inclusion for women entrepreneurs and women-led start-ups.
• Strategies to increase access to funding and capital for women-led tech projects.
• Case studies of successful financial inclusion models in the tech sector.

• Digital Transformation for Social Impact: Women Leading Change
• Examining how women in technology drive positive societal impact.
• Showcasing projects and initiatives where technology is used for social good.
• Discussing the importance of involving women in shaping digital solutions for social impact.

• Policy Advocacy for Gender Equality in Technology
• Analyzing existing policies promoting gender equality in the tech sector.
• Advocacy strategies for policymakers to advance gender-inclusive technology initiatives.

• Navigating Corporate Leadership: Women in C-Suite Roles
• Exploring challenges and opportunities for women in executive roles in tech.
• Strategies for mentoring and grooming women for leadership positions.
• Showcasing successful women leaders in the tech industry.

Panel Discussion Topics

• "Inspire Inclusion Together: Collaborative Strategies for Advancing Women in Tech in Tanzania"
• "Policy and Action: Fostering Inclusive Tech Ecosystem in Tanzania"
• "Inspiring Inclusion: Women's Role in Tanzanian Tech"

The #TechWomenTz Conference aims to feature a diversity of voices and perspectives. Speakers and sessions are selected by our team on a competitive basis using these selection criteria

How to submit an application:

• Please review the speaker application guidelines and selection criteria.
• Complete the provided registration form , selecting your participation on either Presentation or Panel Discussion.
• Ensure submission of the form by February 10th.
• Your valuable contributions are eagerly anticipated, and we are excited to welcome you to the #TechWomenTz conference